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I authorize Nicholas C. Pepe Corp/N.C.Pepe Corp. to access my credit, employment, residential, and other backgrounds for the purpose of apartment rental. I understand and agree to pay a non-refundable brokerage commission equal to ____ % of the annual rent for commercial or live / work properties or 12% of the annual for residential properties. This fee is due at the time the security deposit is paid. This fee is also due if the applicant rents directly from the landlord.

All deposits for holding premises are non-refundable. If the Landlord denies the rental applicants and those individuals have given a deposit to Nicholas C. Pepe Corp./N.C. Pepe Corp. at that time the deposit is refundable only. ____ (initial) All application fees are non-refundable. There is a $100.00 application/credit fee per each applicant, and or each guarantor.

Any and all credit card transaction fees will be solely incurred by the applicants.

I understand and agree that if occupancy of the apartment is contingent on the current tenant vacating, or repairs being done, neither by Nicholas C. Pepe Corp./N.C. Pepe Corp. nor the landlord is liable for damages, expenses etc. If the tenant does not vacate, the repairs are not completed by the date agree on. I understand and agree that any apartment may be rented or taken off the market by the landlord at any time without prior notice. Nicholas C Pepe Corp/N.C. Pepe Corp assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience, costs, or damages incurred by the applicant of related parties under such circumstances. Lastly, I understand that approval of this application IS determined solely by the landlord of the property.

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